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Duration of Therapy

How many times will we have to come to therapy?  This is an important and a reasonable question for anyone considering counseling to ask.

Both the effectiveness and the duration of therapy depend on many factors, including—severity of the problems brought to therapy, the origins of the problems for each individual, and the motivation of each person to work in therapy. These are but a few of the most significant considerations.

Research related to the amount of therapy needed to produce long term change includes the following data taken from  The does-effect relationship in psychotherapy, published in American psychologist (volume 41, 1986)……. “by 8 sessions approximately 50% of clients are measurably improved, and approximately 75% improved by the 26th  session.”  [Note: these results represent a wide variety of couples who underwent different types of therapy for diverse reasons.  These findings do not necessarily correspond to your needs nor predict the outcome of your therapy.]

A key element in the effectiveness and duration of therapy is “a good fit between the therapist and the patient”.  The 3 session Evaluation plan provides us all with an opportunity to evaluate that fit.  In addition, those sessions are an opportunity of you to determine how deeply you (and in the case of relationship therapy, your partner) are committed to repairing and preserving your relationship, and to making the changes needed to achieve that goal.

Cost of Therapy

Couples Relationship Evaluation is comprised of three sessions. They consist of one session with each individual and one session together. Experience over the years has demonstrated that this approach is highly effective, and it produces more rapid progress in your therapy.  Each individual session is completely confidential. The joint session will be an opportunity to set specific goals for the relationship and outline what steps you can begin taking immediately to repair, restore, and enhance your relationship.

If a couple chooses to continue therapy after this initial evaluation, all three of us will work together to create useful, practical, specific changes in behaviors and attitudes that can promote understanding, satisfaction, and permanent changes in your relationship.

Dr. Bloodgood is committed to making relationships work.  While he recognizes that for various reasons some couples may choose to end their relationship, he does not ever suggest or imply that your relationship cannot work or that a couple should separate. That is an intensely personal decision and it is never the place of an outsider to influence that decision.

INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING is also available for individuals who seek interpersonal growth and development through therapy. The issues addressed can include Depression, Anxiety, Anger Management, and the development of Relationship Skills.


The fee schedule for this office is as follows:
- Package of three 55 minute sessions (prepaid) $95.00 each (a savings of $80.00)
- One 55 minute session $125.00


Patients are financially responsible for the hour of their appointment. Please provide 48 hours cancellation notice to avoid being billed for the hour that has been set aside for you.