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Relationship Test

TOOLS for developing UNDERSTANDING and EMPATHY in your relationship

The following 3 pages of questions are designed to help you evaluate and develop the depth of knowledge and appreciation you and your partner have for each other.

It is important that all the questions be answered for yourself and then again in the way you anticipate your partner might answer the same questions. You should not compare answers until you have each finished the page completely.

Remember! The purpose of this exercise is to build understanding and create harmony. Under no circumstances should either of you dispute or contradict the other's answer. The only acceptable response in this exercise is for you to state, "I didn't expect that answer, can you tell me more about your feelings about this?"

These tools are meant to provide a fun, entertaining, and informative platform of discussion about your relationship. If you find it difficult to work together on this project, you may wish to finish the exercises without discussion and bring them into a counseling session so that we can discuss them together.

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