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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: The biggest problem in our relationship is “communication”. Do your coaching sessions deal with that?

Answer: Nearly all the problems in every relationship have communication issues at their core. Most of the time resolving those problems isn’t that complicated, but isn’t always easy. It becomes much easier once couples have the proper tools and the skills to use them. That is the focus of Dr. Bloodgood’s coaching sessions.

Question: How many coaching sessions will we need?

Answer: Every relationship is unique. The outcomes for coaching depends on the willingness of each partner to work to understand what is needed to make the relationship stronger and better, and then having the discipline and commitment to make the needed changes. At the conclusion of the 3rd session of the Introduction to Coaching it is usually clear what will be required of each of you, and a shared awareness of each person’s willingness to proceed.

Question: My partner says “I’m not sure I want to continue in this relationship”.Can coaching convince my partner to stay?

Answer: Not “being sure” indicates that your partner sees still sees and believes there is some value, some strength, some degree of love between the two of you, and hasn’t completely given up. Coaching emphasizes the strengths of a relationship. It can often provide solutions for what isn’t working. However, when one person has decided absolutely to end a relationship and is no longer invested in reconciliation it is rarely advisable to begin coaching. Coaching is not about convincing anyone to do something they are determined not to do, but it can often help that person to rekindle their hope for positive change and perhaps try again.

Question: What do you recommend for the frequency of Coaching Sessions.

Answer: Most clients schedule weekly. Less frequently than every two weeks is not recommended. The Relationship Rejuvenation Program includes sessions scheduled weekly for six weeks, and also includes additional materials supplied during the week. Clients also have an opportunity to contact Dr. Bloodgood between the weekly session for brief consults regarding questions that may arise between sessions.

Question: We aren’t sure if we need therapy or Relationship Coaching.

Answer:When relationships are experiencing domestic violence, behavior that precludes being able to function normally because of chemical dependence or chronic mental illness, or if a partner is not receiving needed medical intervention for extreme depression, or acute anxiety Relationship Coaching is not appropriate. If you have concerns regarding these issues, contact Dr. Bloodgood. He is able to provide referrals to other practicing professionals if that is appropriate.