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Available for the first time from Dr. Bloodgood
A 12 session self-coaching course that enhances ROMANCE, INTIMACY, and SEXUAL COMMUICATION between you and your partner. Working together on your own in complete privacy, immediately begin to create a more satisfying and exciting intimate relationship. Working by yourselves at your own pace learn the secrets of a more passionate relationship. Pathwaystointimacy.com

Specializing in all aspects of Individual, Relational, and Couples Coaching. Online counseling available 6 days a week.

  Find workable solutions to these kinds of problems

Do you frequently encounter the same painfully familiar conflicts with which you have struggled for a prolonged period of time?

Does anger, frustration and resentment now mar the peaceful and satisfying relationship you once had (or hoped for)?

Has infidelity or some other betrayal wounded the trust and security your relationship previously provided?

Are there foundational differences in your approaches to romance, affection, intimacy and sex that stand in the way of satisfaction and contentment?

Do events from the past continue to create impediments to your peace and wellbeing?

Looking at your relationships do you see evidence of Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness, or Withdrawal (all of which can be toxic and destructive to any relationship)?


A three session evaluation and planning program for couples.

First: Each person is seen once individually for a single session.

Next: The couple meets together with Dr. Bloodgood. At this time a list of goals and agreed upon changes will be discussed. Pathways to resolution are considered, and the couple will determine to changes they are willing to commit.
On going therapy: Some couples find the three introductory sessions provide all the tools they need to accomplish the goals they have set. More often, additional sessions are needed to fully explore the roots of their problems and discover successful solutions.

Dr. Bloodgood's Approach to Individual and Relational Therapy

After nearly a quarter century of experience assisting individuals and couples who have encountered problems that are standing in the way of achieving personal and relational goals, Dr. Bloodgood has learned to trust the patient's personal competencies and life skills as we engage together in the therapeutic process. In this office the primary focus of therapy is on the patients core strengths and innate problem solving abilities. The assumption is always that the patient does not need someone else to tell them how to live his/her life, or to decide for them their best courses of action. Therapy is designed to bring important new insights and provide a deeper understanding that permits new perspectives to be gained perspectives that empower patients to make the best and most effective decisions for themselves.

In response to the Covid pandemic Dr.Bloodgood provides, safe, secure on-line visits.

To find out more about this unique service contact Dr. Bloodgood’s office today at: 321-436-7339

Online visits as well as office visits for those who are fully vaccinated!
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