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Sex Talk Helps

Sex Talk Helps A self-directed online course the teaches sexual intimacy and builds romance and passion

Dr. Bloodgood has been a teacher, lecturer, licensed mental health counselor, certified Sex Therapist, relationship coach and author for more than 35 years. After decades of helping individuals and couples resolve troubling and difficult issues in their lives and relationships, he has closed his private practice to all but a select few clients. He is focusing now on providing relationship coaching for couples s through his online company Coaching Pathways, Inc.

Years of experience have taught him that most couples don’t have serious problems that require diagnosis and intensive therapeutic treatment. He has found that many couples would simply like to make their good relationships even more satisfying and more fulfilling—but also filled with the passion, excitement, romance, and pleasure that brought them together in the first place.

Over the past three decades, Dr Bloodgood has developed a handbook that provides key questions and straight forward answers and suggestions proven to promote more satisfying sex and intimacy Originally, Dr. Bloodgood made the handbook available only to his patients after they had achieved good, solid, and lasting relationships through therapy. As his patients discovered and enjoyed the results of how simple and effective the process was, many shared it with others. Soon, hundreds of copies were being ordered and were in circulation throughout the country.

Today the handbook has become the foundation of a complete online course that provides a totally private and confidential opportunity to learn and practice the skills that build successful intimate and romantic, sexual communication. It can be completed in the privacy of a couple’s own home without sharing the process or information with anyone else. The course is ideal for any couple that seeks a closer intimate connection, more passionate sex, and greater romantic fulfilment.

The course is not a substitute for therapy for deeply troubled relationships. It offers practical coaching methods for improving fundamentally good relationships. Dr. Bloodgood recommends that couples first read and practice the lessons offered in his book Fanning the Flames (Revving up the Romance in Your Relationship) to set a good foundation for the Sex Talk Helps Course.

Fanning the Flames provides the most basic and important methods always introduced in couple’s coaching sessions, and are proven to generate romance and intimacy—even if one or both partners feel that romance is not something that comes easily to them. This short, easy to read book can immediately begin to improve every aspect of relationship communication. Read learn how to begin immediately to reduce conflicts, build trust, and how to become the partner each has always wanted to be. When even one of these lessons is put into practice the results are seen immediately. Fanning the Flames, in and of itself can enhance and tune up any relationship.

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