Dr. David Bloodgood
David Bloodgood, Ph.D.
Certified Relationship Coach
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About Dr. David Bloodgood, Ph.D

For more than a quarter of a century Dr. Bloodgood served as a Licensed Mental Health provider. He has a Masters Degree in Counseling, a Doctoral Degree in Sex Therapy and is now a Certified Relationship Coach.

Prior to his retirement from in-person private therapy practice, he realized that most of his clients with relationship problems simply needed guidance and awareness of how to use their own strengths and abilities to resolve their issues. They often did not need “therapy”. They needed practical solutions, realistic goals and the tools that would allow them to resolve conflicts and strengthen their fundamentally good relationships.

Today, as a Certified Relationship Coach he focuses on providing clear and direct assistance to a select number of couples and individuals who want to create relationships that are satisfying, fulfilling, passionate and secure. He limits his online coaching practice to couples who do not need traditional “therapy” but are sincerely ready to improve upon their fundamentally good relationship.