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Pornography and Other Sex Additictions

Addiction to pornography-- internet generated porn (including chat rooms) in particular-- is rapidly becoming epidemic in our culture. Rarely does a day pass that an angry, distraught spouse or a man whose partner has given him the ultimatum of getting help or leaving the relationship because of pornography, does not call for therapeutic assistance.

Compulsive or obsessive use of pornography relentlessly destroys relationships. Women whose partners regularly seek sexual satisfaction through pornography frequently report that they feel betrayed, disrespected, and rejected by him. This response is often difficult for men to understand.  However, those responses can destroy a woman's sense of self-worth, self-esteem, and her ability to trust a partner she may have loved and believed in until the moment of discovery.

The obsessive use of pornography can isolate a man from an authentic emotional relationship with a real partner and it can prevent him from enriching the intimacy of his relationship with the person he genuinely loves and for whom he truly does care.

Treatment for this compulsion is generally a long term process. Success depends upon a powerful commitment to change and a willingness to remain in some form of on-going structured therapeutic involvement that holds him accountable for his behavior. Clinical studies consistently support this approach.  The powerful impulses to engage in this behavior have been mastered and controlled by many men.

This office treats Pornography Addiction with both individual and group treatment. Treatment is not based on a twelve step program, but focuses on psycho-analytic understanding and change.  Typically, patients begin with intensive individual therapy and then move into a group setting to assist them in sustaining their progress.

If you wonder if you or your partner may have a problem with compulsive sexual behaviors, take the sex addiction test by CLICKING HERE.